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We will be happy turn your special coin into a fine jewelry piece.




LOVE Dime – “All American made”       Real  U.S. silver Roosevelt 10 cent   in  Extremely fine  condition.   Special design  (Love floating in side a heart). First a small hole is drilled in the coin, then a very fine jewelers saw blade is inserted through the hole and worked  around the coins design, (by hand) cutting away the background.  Thus leaving the special designed LOVE floating inside a heart.  The figure is then selectively layered (by hand) in “Brilliant 24K Gold & Pure .999 Silver”.    Each work of art comes mounted in a beautiful Gold Filled plain edge type bezel and on a good quality 14K gold layered 18 in. rope  chain.  and in a nice jewelry box. The gold on the coin is real 24k gold. It is not paint.

$ 84.95